Welcome to the Project: Gorgon Shop!

The Gorgon Shop is the official store for Project: Gorgon.

Currently, we are listing four crowdfunding packages from our prior Indiegogo Campaign in order to continue to raise funds until we launch on Steam Early Access. This will give those who found out about us as our Indiegogo Campaign was closing to donate and get the awesome benefits that come with doing so. The four packages that are being offered are: The Horseback Explorer, Patron,  Duke and Grand Duke. We will not be offering a standard Contributor package as we want to encourage all those interested in a standard Project: Gorgon key to purchase directly from Steam once they become available. 

Note: Reward Tiers will be linked to accounts at a future time, please stay tuned to the website for more details. This includes those who have backed us previously through Kickstarter and Indiegogo.