• Horse Lord Package

Important: Only 1 Primary Package can be used per account! There is no option to upgrade an existing Package. That means that of the 3 Primary Packages currently offered, you can only purchase 1 per account. You can also purchase an 'Add-On' Package to add to your Primary Package. You may only purchase each Add-On Package once. If you have any questions about what Packages can be bought together, please contact support@projectgorgon.com


These packages are for use in the upcoming Fantasy MMORPG, Project: Gorgon. These are pre-release reward packages for early adopters, and a donation for the continued development of Project: Gorgon. You must already own the game in order to use these packages.

Project: Gorgon Package - Horse Lord

·         Includes the exclusive benefits from the Thoroughbred Breeder package.

·         Custom in-game title with the ability to bestow this title on anyone you see fit.

               Note: Title must be game appropriate.

·         The ability to spontaneously create special snack cakes (20 per week).

·         Staff of Leadership: this unique item helps you command the respect of those around you.

·         Player House! One basic, instanced, in-game house.

·         5 YEARS VIP membership.

Notice: Some features, including Orcs, have not yet implemented. Your account will receive these benefits when the features become available. Game key, not included.


Delivery: You will receive an email that has your package key code included via attachment. You can also find this key code in your Gorgon Shop account page, under "Downloads". You can redeem your key code in-game by heading to the city of Serbule. Once there, go to the WELL near the city center. In a nearby building, look for the teal-colored golem labeled "Account Package Manager". Talk to this golem to redeem your key code. Please fill out any requested information.

Special Note: The title reward will be applied after the next full-service maintenance period.


Horse Lord Package

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